Embrace Life! Embrace grace! Embrace Liberty!

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For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.

Romans 6:14


It saddens me that society is robbing people of happiness… as they put themselves down for being obese as they think others look at them in this was because of the media. Also they can think that The Lord God views them in the same way. However, God looks on the heart, man looks on the outward appearance.

God knows our thoughts, feelings, worries, concerns. He wants us to be happy not obsessed with fitting into the society.

God knows our needs and what is best for us and wants us to live for Him! Sometimes our health may be out of our control and all we can do I eat well, sleep well and exercise.

God wants us to live the best life which I the best life! We are set free by grace in Jesus from sin and its snares we need fear nothing! Jesus conquered sin, death, grace, data and so we must live as lives set free!

Sin has no power over us – “no condemnation now I dread, Jesus is mine and I in Him”
Jesus restores us by grace!

My restoration not condemnation!
Jesus forgiveness has dealt with my past!
I will have a perfect eternal body with Jesus.
Embrace grace through Christ’s sacrifice + embrace new life & health = 100% freedom in Christ!

Tru3 J0y

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Sometimes… what we need is a REVIVAL!

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