Overindulgence – diet

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Overindulging during the festive winter months, and a New Year calls on a change! Swap feasting on fatty, comfort, sugary foods for body toning super foods! As A result you should soon feel confident enough to run, join the gym and get that swimming costume on or prepare for Spring and Summer holidays and sunshine!

Research suggests people eating a diet high in monounsaturated fats lost more weight from their stomachs than those eating the same number of calories, with less fat. This is since sudden jumps in your blood sugar encourage your body to store fat around your tummy. However, monounsaturated fats stop the spikes and therefore the fat.
A medium avocado provides 10 grams of this magic fat, enjoy!

Lean chicken breast
High in protein which aids building of bigger and stronger muscles, burn more calories quickly, toning you up the body.
A grilled chicken breast is best since it contains virtually mostly protein but very little fat.
Vegetarians try boiled or poached eggs, but avoid frying, to prevent absorbing the fattening oil which you cooked in as well as the good oils.

Those dark green leaves are high in with iron and vitamin C, which help your bodies to produce collagen: for your skin and muscles, giving a toned, elastic properties for a youthful look!
Spinach is a great source of fibre, keeps your stomach fuller for longer and stops you from snacking.

Brown rice
Provides plenty of energy, which means eating carbohydrates. White, refined carbohydrates cause sudden jumps in your blood sugar in turn encouraging your body to store fat. On the other hand complex, wholegrain varieties, such as brown rice, help control blood sugar levels preventing erratic jumps in highs or lows!
Brown rice is also a good source of protein, so, like spinach, it will keep you feeling full.

Green tea
Reputedly speeds up your metabolism, makes your body to burn fat quicker, inhibiting fat absorption and helping glucose regulation, by it’s natural antioxidants it contains called catechin polyphenols.
Drink three to five cups a day to increase to gain the sculpted body that you always wanted!

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