Fish recipes

Fish Curry

Jamaican Fish Curry


My favourite fish recipe has to be:Jamaican Fish curry‘ – a good meaty firm fleshed fish works best in this recipe; as other less fleshy fish such as Haddock fall apart in the recipe.




‘Jamaican Fish curry’




  • 150 grams of Fish – Huss or Monkfish per person
  • I lime grated zest and squeezed juice
  • 25 grams of fresh coriander chopped  -with some saved for garnish
  • 1 Fresh chilli for each person finely chopped or to taste or dried chilli for those who cannot tolerate excessive amounts of chilli
  • 400 ml of Coconut milk or creamed coconut melted with hot water
  • 100 grams of rice per person
  • Kidney beans/black eye beans/peas soaked and cooked ready to add or tinned
  • spoonful of oil




  • chopping board
  • sharp knife
  • large flat deep pan for fish curry
  • fish slice to turn fish over
  • large pan for rice




  1. Rinse and then chop the fish into 2-3cm chunks.
  2. Add oil to pan on a medium hot heat.
  3. Add the finely chopped chilli’s to the pan fry for one minute turn down the heat slightly
  4. Add the fish to the pan.
  5. Once cooked on one side turn over.
  6. Turn heat down to medium low heat.
  7. Add the coconut milk or creamed cocnut with hot water to the pan.
  8. Add chopped coriander and lime zest and juice – stirring carefully.
  9. Add rice and twice as much boiling water to rice simmer on a low heat for 15 minutes to cook.
  10. Add the peas/beans to the pan cook for 15 minutes.
  11. Serve on plate with curry on top sprinkle some coriander to garnish.



Cajun fish from Southern states of USA 


Cajun fish


200 grams of any white fish; Hake, Haddock, Plaice, Cod, Pollock per person

1/4 teaspoon of cajun spice per portion

olive/ sunflower/vegetable oil



  1. Heat oil on medium hot heat, add spice once sizzling turn down the heat to medium.
  2. Add fish cook for two mintues then turn over each piece; repeat once other side cooked for each piece then check to see if cooked in middle fish should look clear.
  3. Serve with either chips/French fries or Rice and salad





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