The Ultrametabolism Diet

Using the science of nutrigenomics by increasing your metabolism, so it burns the fat.

Based on nutrigenomics, the science of how food affects our genes, an eight-week plan by weight-loss to kick start your metabolism.

Dieters are encouraged to eat whole/unprocessed foods to help genes to burn fat. By the end of eight weeks, dieters will have lose between 11 – 21 pounds on average.

The plan emphasizes seven keys to weight-loss success, ranging from appetite control to stress reduction, and includes detailed shopping lists and kitchen recommendations.

Supplements ranging from magnesium and zinc to probiotics and creatine are recommended.

Fresh produce, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean fish, meat, and poultry. The one-week prep phase banishes sugar, hydrogenated fats, refined grains, alcohol, and caffeine — pretty much anything that isn’t found in a garden or a pasture.

Daily meal plans and recipes include nut butter smoothies and white beans on a bed of greens.

No calorie restrictions or portion recommendations, but processed foods should be avoided at all times.

After the induction period, less than three glasses of wine weekly, and only half a cup of coffee but unlimited green tea each day!

Eat whole foods, choose healthy ethnic cuisine, restaurants which prepare from scratch and serve homemade meals not fast foods.

Food options and recipes are a little out there for the typical palate, and once you personalize your plan, your family will be following a diet tailored to your specific needs, not their own needs especially for growing children or hard-working physical workers.

Recipes are time consuming and expensive as fresh, organic groceries are not cheap ideally for those who are interested in organic, hormone-free, whole foods and who are willing to completely overhaul their kitchens.

The emphasis is on organic, fresh foods, flax, nuts, seeds so consequently, will increase the food bill.

The formula-driven approach and slow, meticulous reintroduction of initially banished foods can be cumbersome and frustrating for many dieters.

However, don’t be put off as once you have a plan to follow for your diet then you won’t need to plan further.
Also, don’t be put off by price as it can be adapted by eating cheaper fresh foods and cheaper nuts and seeds.

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