How do you season, prepare, de-bone, gut, marinate, clean meat or fish?


How to season and prepare meats whether poultry, beef, lamb, veal, goat, mutton,

Meat defrosted, if required
De-bone the meat.
Clean and wash the meat thoroughly
Always use key seasoning such as salt and pepper
Use a meat tenderiser – lime or lemon juice is a natural tenderiser
Allow the seasoned meat to marinate overnight to develop tenderness and flavour
Storing in an air-tight container or thoroughly covered with cling-film in the refrigerator.

<strong>How to season and prepare fish

Cleaning the fish

To clean and scale the fish means that you must use:

a fish scalar or substitute with a sharp knife or potato peeler,
a table,
a cutting board and
a few sheets of old newspaper.

<strong>Next –

Hold the fish by the tail and with the blade
Scrape off the scales working towards the head.

How to gut fish

Make an incision through the belly of the fish
Grasp the end of the intestine near the head
Pull it away along the length of the slit
Cut the intestine at the tail end
Trim the fins on the fish, starting with the back fin, the tail fin and totally remove the gill fins.

How to de-bone the fish.

After gutting and trimming the fish:

Insert a de-boning knife close to the backbone at the tail end
Cut the flesh from the bone, working towards the head and keeping the knife as close as possible to the bone.
Small bones that stick to the flesh or are embedded in it, must be removed with tweezers or fingers.

To fillet the fish

Splitting the fish on both sides once de-boned
Carve the fish into fillets that you require.

Always season the fish with garlic, black pepper and salt

Chicken, Fish and Meat (Pork, Beef, Veal & Mutton) Tips and Hints

For fish firm while cooking add lime juice to mixture.
Reduce raw fish smells by using browned butter or lemon juice.
Remove fish odours from utensils wash in lemon juice or white vinegar and water for a few minutes then rinse well.
Steam fish in foil to prevent fish from breaking apart when steaming.
Flouring meats is easiest by placing flour in a plastic bag and shaking well.
Cook bacon on racks or cut the ends with scissors to prevent curling bacon.
Fully immerse pork in marinade.
Use the crown part of the roast bones to make a stock or for soup recipes as this gives depth and added flavour.


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