Ritual regular detox dieting; ‘Post-Christmas and New Year blues’!

Bowl o' Love

Bowl o’ Love (Photo credit: jazzijava)

In case you are unaware… this is the time to detox all the rich food, lack of sleep, fizzy and alcoholic drinks are sure to cause havoc in one’s internal and external appearance either from pain and discomfort feeling full or added weight gain to reddish inflamed and/or spotty skin!

If you just listen to the media there is a global craze sweeping the world – of ritual regular detoxing as a diet to control weight, moods, lack of energy, memory, concentration, headaches, skin problems, bloatedness around the stomach, flatulence, difficulties passing stools.

The reasons are endless and I could go into far more detail of the various reasons people detox to cleanse their body of impurities. However I do think that maybe if we curtailed the need to eat whatever, whenever and however much we like of food and drink of all kinds we might limit the need to detox so regularly. I am concerned with this obsession to detox is becoming for some a ritual which could lead to negative consequences as our bodies are sensitive. In the same way which yo-yo dieting is not encouraged yo-yo detoxing should also be discouraged. The body is not designed to be detoxed so often as some are doing it monthly. If we go back to the old days of

‘everything in moderation’


‘a little of everything will not do you any harm’

we might enjoy our food and bodies more with less negative consequences which will needless to say increase risks of cancer or the health problems causing more expense to the health system which cannot cope as it is!

I have added a detox recipes to cleanse and give basic easy guidance to enable you to do so without having to  buy a book. Please message me or email: sa.collins.uk@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Ritual regular detox dieting; ‘Post-Christmas and New Year blues’!

  1. I agree with what you said in the blog. People should eat better, but the issue is a lot of people are told so many different things on what health and healthy eating is. There is an obsession with reading labels for fat and calories, but people should be reading the ingredients and knowing what to eat. We should be eating like our great-great-great grandparents did, but then the soil is depleted and the food is less nutritional and there are tons of hidden chemical in the food we eat.

    Some people think they can eat all they want then go exercise. They believe because they are thin they are healthy. Added to all this is that a lot of medical doctors tell patients that diet can’t help them and they need to take medicine. The medicine only mask the issue and gives the person more of a reason to have to detox. Then all the chemicals we are exposed to… plastics, cleaning products, gassing off of products in our house and newly purchased items, etc… more reason to detox. I wish our country wasn’t so driven by money because then we might be able to get the word out on what health really is.

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